Andrea Reyes

Project Designer III
"Interior design offers a unique opportunity to combine creativity, functionality, and personal taste to create amazing and comfortable spaces."


Intrigued by the transformative power of design, Andrea approaches each project with an open mind, listening closely to clients' aspirations to craft unique, beautiful, and purposeful concepts. She discovered a passion for interior design in high school and has since pursued the goal of creating captivating spaces that evoke awe and functionality.


Andrea honed her skills in diverse design environments, from a small healthcare design firm to a large firm employing over 1,000 professionals. She specializes in various aspects of design, including FF&E selection, presentation creation, and drafting. Her proficiency extends to 3D modeling with Revit and drafting using Revit and AutoCAD. During her journey, Andrea faced and conquered a significant challenge in mastering the immersive program, Revit. Despite its complexity, she persevered, eventually becoming a proficient Revit user. Her dedication led her to a point where she began training others in the software, showcasing her commitment to personal growth and knowledge-sharing within the field of design.


Bachelors of Science, California State University Northridge



Andrea loves animals. Furry animals, reptiles, birds… you name it. When she’s not bugging her black cat, Dixie, she enjoys traveling and exploring distant locales. Some of her most memorable experiences include visiting temples in Beijing, hiking up to Heaven Lake on the Changbai Mountains between China and North Korea, and overcoming her fear of the ocean so she could float on the pristine Caribbean water in San Blas, Panama.

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