Jessica Haubrick

Senior Interior Designer, Project Designer III
“I’m most passionate about the process of concept development in design. Framing a strong concept that evolves with the design and watching that concept drive design decisions in surprising and innovative ways.”|


Originally drawn to the arts by a love for large-scale sculpture in high school, Jessica was then introduced to architectural model building as a volunteer at the A+D Museum. She was enamored with the detail-oriented process instantly and began to chart a course to excel in the field of design. But a funny thing happened on the way to her architectural masters. Jessica learned in design school that the average person spends around 90% of their time indoors. While not ideal, she saw an opportunity to shape spaces that were informed by the way people live and function. She began to see the inherent value in environments that made users excited to interact and inhabit them and made sure to apply those ideals to the spaces she was creating.

Her approach to every project revolves around developing a space that responds to the client and end users needs and goals; shaping interiors to allow people to function how they most naturally do within spaces. Her experience has helped her to develop a passion for detail, a key part of each design that is critical in creating the types of lasting stories and defining moments that people remember about that places they have visited.



  • BFA Interior Design – Cal State Long Beach


  • AIA Long Beach South Bay 2017 – Design Award for an AIA Interactive Display


Jessica loves to build and form dimensional art, whether it be sculpture, pottery, collage sculpture, furniture, stained glass, and more. “I’ve always felt that exposing myself to these different art mediums has made me a more well-rounded designer, understanding the process of building and garnering so many different aesthetics.” She tries, outside of work to expose herself to as much art, film, history, culture, geology, and anything she can, as knowledge in and awareness of all of these things she believes are what inspire and ignite ideas.