Tallie Ramot

Director of Client Strategy
"I believe simpler is better, and I always value function above all else."


Tallie is an intuitive designer, meaning she leans into how she feels, or how a person/group of people make her feel when they first meet. By engaging in active listening and discovery simultaneously, she can translate intangible qualities into accessible design elements. When it comes to the interiors of existing architecture, Tallie looks to the built structure to uncover elements or areas of untapped potential that can be reimagined as the foundation of an engaging design language.

Her interests are at the intersection of the built environment and the well-being of the individuals inhabiting those spaces. As such, she can talk for hours about reducing friction and increasing efficiency and productivity. "At the end of the day, the spaces I create are there to serve the client/end-user. My thoughtful guidance ensures that what they envision is what materializes."


Tallie is an accomplished designer and account manager with a decade of experience in the commercial interiors industry. Her diverse background, endless curiosity and acute attention to detail inform her approach to projects with the end goal of always exceeding her clients' expectations.


Bachelors of Science, Interior Design
The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles



She was born in Texas, spent the majority of her childhood in Israel, and graduated from high school in London. Some of her favorite places include Bangkok, Edinburgh and southern Alaska. When not helping clients overcome moments of change, Tallie keeps busy in her other major roles. These include wife, mother, and animal advocate. She also enjoys Swedish rock music, intricate puzzles, and has a self-proclaimed "major sweet tooth".