2922 Crenshaw

Core + Shell
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Los Angeles, CA
Creative Office
87,000 sq ft Office / 1,750 Retail
In Construction
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2922 Crenshaw

A Modern Office with Mid-Century Appeal

Prominently situated within a budding culinary and residential destination, this contemporary Class A office building is designed to activate the public realm. The massing and articulation of the 3-story structure compliments the surrounding community and minimizes the building’s perceived volume.

The project utilizes the site to its fullest potential by introducing communal courtyards at the ground level and an urban garden on the rooftop.

The highly visible structure uses variations in massing, roof forms, wall planes, and surface articulation to create a sense of entry and reinforce the neighborhood scale. It features dramatic overhangs, inset corners, storefront windows, and numerous public spaces to create visual interest. A unified street wall on one side of the property further stimulates pedestrian activity along the redeveloping opportunity zone.

The building’s extended roof canopy shields users from direct sunlight and precipitation providing year-round access to the communal patios and private decks. A rooftop garden transforms the upper layer into a habitable zone with lush vegetation and a variety of seating options.

2922 Crenshaw