About Us

Abramson Architects

We are a group of passionate architects and designers looking to make meaningful and lasting changes in the communities we live in. Simply put, our mission is to create places where people love to spend time. This mission brings us together with our clients when they are facing moments of significant change. They have problems to solve, and opportunities to seize. We respond by engaging deeply and are here to inspire and to support. We know the process from design to construction can be long and complex; and we are here to guide our clients with skill and empathy, helping them make decisions at every step.

Abramson Architects

We engage fully with all of the elements at play; with people and their needs, but also with ideas, materials, light, and technology. More than simply informing design, the holistic way in which we approach our work reflects our openness to the world itself. This fuels us in creating meaningful experiences that bring to life the greater opportunities within each project.

Our work is living proof of what such experiences make possible: inherently healthy, inclusive, and resilient places that delight and benefit entire communities for generations to come.

Our History

Starting with a focus on Single Family residences, Abramson Architects has evolved to create cutting-edge spaces across various markets, including Health and Wellness and Creative Office Spaces. Founded in Los Angeles, our independent practice expanded both technically and geographically in 2023 with the addition of a second full-service office in San Diego. This strategic expansion not only allowed us to enhance our capabilities for existing clients but also positioned us closer to new partners, resources, and opportunities. Today, our diverse firm operates throughout the US and Canada, consistently pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional designs that inspire and transform spaces.

Abramson Architect Brand Story
Community + Mentorship Initiative

Abramson Architects is a certified Small Business Entity (SBE firm).

We foster an integrated and self-actualized workforce through proactive outreach attraction, selection, retention, development, and progression of employees. To help our clients meet their goals, we arrange collaborations with a wide range of trade partners and design firms as needed. Abramson Architects partners with advocacy groups and actively participates in meaningful community service including LA Promise Fund's Intern Project & Career Prep (2021 - Present), Southern California NOMA (2020-2023), AIA WIA & AWA+D's, 50/50Challenge (2019 - Present), and SPARK Los Angeles' Mentorship Program(2011-2018).

For more information about internship opportunities click here.

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Abramson Architect Our Initiatives

Abramson Architects Research Initiative (AARI) seeks to develop methodologies for research that enhance our firm’s collective capacity for informed decision making and design. Categories of focus for our research range from technical to psychological. AARI is a major collaborative effort amongst our employees allowing us to teach and learn from each other and elevate our craft. To view our collection of research projects, click here.

Events Committee

Our Events Committee is Abramson Architects’ way to cut loose and socialize within our industry. The Events Committee helps plan our seasonal get-togethers with friends and family, along with participating in industry events like IIDA’s annual Halloween costume contest, Haunt Couture. From Summer cookouts to holiday parties, our events committee is the beating heart of our office.

Los Angeles / West Adams

Our Los Angeles office is ideally situated on the West Jefferson corridor. We take pride in being a part of West Adam's vibrant resurgence and share in the community's passion for creating pedestrian-friendly, human-scale buildings. Through our neighborhood restaurant series, hosted on Instagram, we actively explore and support local eateries, with a particular focus on promoting minority-owned establishments.

Industry Engagement

As professionals in an ever-changing field, it’s important that we continue to keep ourselves informed of industry trends and technological developments. Our Lunch & Learn series provides our team with an easy and fun way to expand our knowledge and gain credits in continuing education with the AIA. We are delighted whenever our friends in textiles and interiors come by and coordinate an evening of merriment for us. From arts-and-crafts to pumpkin carving, we are happy to have such thoughtful partners.

San Diego / Mission Valley

Our San Diego office builds on our well-established presence in Southern California. Initially specializing in healthcare, the office holds a deep-rooted foundation in patient-centered design and Health Care Access and Information (HCAI). The San Diego Team members are recognized throughout the region for their role in promoting healing through intelligent design.