Abby Tamplin

Architectural Consultant
"Getting things done promptly and correctly is the best way to approach any project."


Abby Tamplin's journey in architecture began at an entry-level position, where her curiosity for healthcare projects was sparked. Today she serves as a Construction Administration Assistant, a position that leverages her commitment to meticulous processes and her passion for the transformative impact of healthcare design.

Abby believes that a collaborative approach is the cornerstone of successful projects. For her, teamwork truly makes the dream work. Her role involves streamlining complex documentation processes required by HCAI, tracking and routing RFIs and Submittals, and offering general office admin support as needed. Overcoming challenges and embracing successes, Abby's journey at the company has been marked by recognition of her dedication and value.





Abby enjoys going for walks, reading, spending time with her husband and two Siberian cats, which they often take on adventures when they aren't visiting their local farms for fresh produce or going for bike rides or camping.