Christy Wolfe

Director of Marketing + Communications
“When I look to be inspired by people and my surroundings, I’m rarely disappointed at what the world has to offer.”


Christy’s admiration for artists and architects began at an early age. Maybe it was her multi-faceted tradesman father who could design and build just about anything or her uber-crafty mother and sister who could have been the first “Martha Stewart” if they’d ever taken any money for their creations. Her house resembled what you might call “a maker space”. Surrounded by fabric, sewing machines, cookbooks, wood-working tools, and even a full-fledged metal shop, the freedom to play and explore as a child has inspired a love for the process of creation.

Her professional career provides Christy with a unique opportunity to live among architects and designers, despite her background in marketing and sales. “I’ve been fortunate to have an intimate view of how architecture can instill feelings of pride, compassion, belonging, and hope. I try to bring a bit of that into the world I live in by interacting with others and my environment in a thoughtful way. Each day I wake up looking to be inspired by, and to inspire, my surroundings in a positive way. I’m rarely disappointed when I’m open to what the world has to offer.” It turns out that in life, just as in improvisational comedy, the key to making good things happen usually starts with saying ‘yes’.



  • Salisbury University (Salisbury, MD) Degree in Marketing and Communications



I have a lot of irons in the fire at all times. I love to repurpose forgotten vintage jewelry and décor into modern accessories and I’ve recently gotten more involved with sewing. My first big costume project was a hand-designed replica of the Starfleet “survival jackets” from Star Trek Beyond. I’ve also started taking classed on writing for sketch comedy at Second City. It was something I always wanted to try, and it allowed me the opportunity to have one of my own sketches performed on a Hollywood stage by a talented ensemble troupe of actors. When I’m not trying hard to be a renaissance woman, I can be found trying to convince everyone I know to come with me to a music festival or an escape room. Throughout all these new endeavors, what keeps me grounded is my husband, Mike, and my extremely derpy shih-tzu/terrier, Otis.