Danny Abalos, AIA

Senior Project Manager
“Each project deserves fresh conceptual eyes and should draw from contextual references in the neighborhood and community which it will become a part of.”


From an early age, Danny had a strong desire to experiment with various artistic mediums. After dabbling with woodworking and furniture making, he decided architecture would be his creative medium of choice. He was initially intrigued by how the profession sits at the intersection of art and science. Today, Danny finds continued fulfillment by architecture’s ability to leave a meaningful impact on people’s lives.


Regardless of whether a design challenge requires his analytical skills or his artistic mindset, having the ability to juxtapose the two ways of thinking allows Danny to uncover his projects’ untapped potential. “I love that no two days are the same and that you are constantly using all areas of your brain to find the best project specific path.”


Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Danny worked on creative offices, retail complexes, mixed-use residential, civic centers and even a hotel spanning over a Formula One racetrack.



BS Architecture - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo



When Danny isn’t working, he loves to do anything outdoors like hiking, camping, going to the beach, or just hanging out at a park with his wife and dog named Birdy. Birdy is named after Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn, NY, where he and his wife had their wedding reception. Birdy has yet to visit New York, but has made a trip to Culver City to visit the Roberta’s Pizza location at the Platform. She gave it a five-star review.