David Moon, FAIA, FACHA

“Therapeutic environments that alleviate anxiety, inspire confidence, and integrate programmatic goals embody the elegant language of architecture.”


David Moon is a board-certified healthcare architect who specializes in hospital and outpatient medical facilities. He has a specific focus on California hospital projects and their rigorous regulatory requirements under the jurisdiction of the State of California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI). Inspired by his early exposure to his father's medical office, David developed a profound appreciation for the fusion of science and patient care. This led him to specialize in healthcare design, where he discovered a refreshing emphasis on rationale and purpose in each project.

David's unwavering commitment lies in striking a balance between scientific aspects of medical care and the creation of healing environments. His approach integrates programmatic goals, instills confidence, and alleviates anxiety for patients, families, and healthcare providers.

Challenging the notion of "form follows function," David believes in the harmonization of form and function. His designs embody clients' objectives while elegantly expressing the essence of architecture. Informed by a deep understanding of patients' and caregivers' unique needs, he strives to create spaces that transcend aesthetics and foster well-being, trust, and cutting-edge care. Leveraging David Moon's visionary leadership and passion for healthcare architecture, Abramson Architects continues to reshape the healthcare landscape.



MA Architecture – University of Texas at Arlington

BS Architecture – University of Texas at Arlington


  • Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, bestowed by the AIA to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the profession through design excellence
  • Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Architects, bestowed on architects who are board-certified in the specialty practice of healthcare architecture who have made outstanding contributions to the practice of architecture for health facilities
  • Past-President, AIA National Academy of Architecture for Health
  • Past-President, Foundation for Health Environments Research
  • Past Regent, American College of Healthcare Architects
  • Past Chair, AIA California Council Health Facilities Committee
  • Numerous project awards including the Citation of Merit from the Center for Health Design, and 4 annual awards by Soliant Health’s Top 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the U.S.
  • Moon’s work is recognized in numerous leading healthcare architecture publications including Healthcare Design, Behavioral Healthcare, and Health Facilities Management


David loves the desert climate and, along with his wife, enjoys spending time out there whenever they can. He loves to ride his Harley when the weather is nice. David is a 5th Dan (black belt in other styles) in the traditional martial art of Soo Bahk Do.