Elijah Montez

Project Designer II
“Designing a building is like solving an extraordinarily complex puzzle.”


Led by his father, an avid admirer of architecture, Elijah’s family went to open houses in his hometown of Austin for both recreation and inspiration. These childhood explorations into the “ideal space for a family” sparked a deep fascination with the dynamics between architectural forms and the people who experience them.

Elijah believes that architecture should intimately connect with users, seamlessly blending into its surroundings, and push boundaries while maintaining functionality. He enjoys the challenges of creating experiences that are personal yet universal, shared yet private. But the real joy in the design process for Elijah comes from the problem-solving. Designing a building is like wrestling with a challenging puzzle, where the site provides clues leading to multiple potential solutions. The thrill lies in navigating these paths, solving the puzzle, and bringing together the pieces to form a satisfying whole.

From mission-critical structures like data centers to the intricacies of designing residential spaces. Elijah has embraced the broad spectrum of architectural endeavors.



M. Arch, The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies – Dalhousie University‍



When not solving complex design problems for fun, Elijah's world revolves around his wife and two feline companions. With a shared love for music, they've played and composed together, even hitting the road for two tours in 2022. The couple also shares a passion for cooking and exploring new places, with a journey that took them from Texas to Chicago in 2018 and, as of June 2023, to the vibrant cityscape of Los Angeles.


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