Khalil Gobir

Project Designer II
“Design is the perfect synthesis of practicality and creativity, the challenge of bringing together two things that seem to be incompatible is extremely interesting to me.”


Growing up in Pasadena and Los Angeles, Khalil was surrounded by historic architecture. In that environment, he developed an appreciation for how architecture gives people a sense of identity and connection with their surroundings. Considering the human aspect, Khalil sees each project as a series of scenes of people interacting with each other, and with the building.  For every new space he challenges himself to truly understand how the occupants will use it so that we can either make traditional spaces work well or to innovate new spaces that subvert expectations.

Architecture has been an exciting calling for Khalil. His initial interest is renewed by the unique nature of each project. Designing a building can involve countless factors related to the site, clients, and concept that can result in so many different outcomes. Architecture takes on so many other subjects because each project gives the opportunity to learn something new that may have seemed unrelated initially.



  • BA Sociology – Pepperdine University
  • Master of Architecture – University of Southern California


  • USC School of Architecture, Thesis Prize for Innovation – Senior Thesis, Housing


Khalil likes the outdoors and has been camping and hiking all around California. The most incredible place he’s ever camped was on the southern tip of the South American continent in Patagonia, Argentina. When not braving the extreme elements, Khalil also enjoys learning about new cultures and languages. So far, he has studied Spanish and Japanese and is currently attempting to learn Korean.