Kaikang Shen

Project Manager I
"My designs are based on a relationship between the research I do, and the space’s function and location. This combination creates space, light, and gravity to my designs."


With over a decade of experience and education in architecture, Kaikang is an extremely talented designer with a focus in cultural, educational, and commercial design. Earning his Master's from UPENN. Kaikang has immersed himself in global architectural designs and trends. It is through this lens that Kaikang uses historical and cultural research at the core of his design philosophy.

In his process, Kaikang first researches the historical, cultural, and environmental contexts for a project. He then uses this research to inform his designs while using the space and function of a building as the foundation he builds upon. This research-based philosophy results in highly detailed designs that allow ground-up buildings to carry a sense of timeless belonging to the communities they’re built for.

Kaikang finds joy throughout the architectural process; from the freedom of the conceptualization phase to the sense of pride that comes with touring a construction site, there is something Kaikang finds to enjoy every step of the way.



MA Science in Design– UPENN (2018)

MA Architecture –Nanjing University (2007)

BS Architecture – TianjinChengjian University (2004)



While Kaikang’s first creative love was painting, he was encouraged at an early age by his mom to pursue architecture. Having worked at an architecture firm herself, she saw her son’s natural talents as a great fit for the field. We, for one, thank Kaikang’s mom for having a hand in convincing him, as we are grateful for the talent and positivity he brings to the team!