Ken Melvin

Project Designer I
“Sometimes certain qualities of a site can make designing more difficult. But when I change my mindset, I’m able to creatively turn those challenges into something exciting and fun.”


Ken's passion for architecture was sparked by his encounter with the Q Apartments in Little Italy, San Diego. The design of that structure intrigued him and ignited his love for the built environment. While initially drawn to residential architecture, Ken's interests expanded as he realized the importance of factors beyond aesthetics. Throughout his studies, he discovered the power of a strong central concept and guiding principles in overcoming challenges and fostering innovation.

During his sophomore design studio, Ken encountered a phrase that resonated deeply: "Let limitations spark creativity." This idea shifted his perspective, turning limitations into opportunities for creativity and advantage. As a designer, Ken understands the significant impact that the surrounding environment has on individuals. He prioritizes creating medical spaces that offer comfort and support during health struggles for patients and their loved ones.

Ken's journey in architecture is defined by his commitment to thoughtful design, innovative problem-solving, and a genuine understanding of the transformative power of architecture. With a focus on excellence and a passion for positively impacting lives, he brings a unique perspective to each project.



University of San Diego


• AIAS Chapter President, University of San Diego, Spring 23’

• Independent Student Summer Research Grant Recipient, University of San Diego (SURE Grant)


Ken loves traveling and spending time in nature, specifically backpacking, trail running with his dog, and scuba diving with his girlfriend. He was originally PADI certified in the Philippines and since then they’ve dived at some cool places all over the world. Ken also likes building things and experimenting with new machines and technology. He built a virtual reality art installation for a presentation in film class and recently started learning about Arduino computers.