Mairi Jo Jones

Architectural Intern
"Within life and my career, I embrace and advocate for more sustainable solutions to continue to enhance the longevity of our communities."


Embracing a holistic approach, Mairi Jo sees architecture and design as vehicles to engage with communities and foster sustainable development. Balancing the broader context with the specific needs of each space, she values intimate experiences alongside opportunities for communal interaction. Advocating for sustainable solutions, Mairi Jo aims to enhance the longevity of communities through thoughtful design.



BFA: Interior Architecture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago



Mairi Jo's passion for exploring diverse cultures was ignited during a cultural anthropology course and further nurtured through study abroad experiences in Croatia and Florence, Italy. This deep-rooted interest fuels Mairi Jo's desire to traverse the globe, immersing herself in the richness of different cultures and architectural traditions.