Marlen Lopez

Interior Designer, Project Manager
"Design is the dance of nuance—an open-minded journey to turn visions into lived experiences.”


Marlen's passion for design ignited during her formative years, fueled by the freedom to rearrange furniture and reimagine spaces. This early exposure instilled in her a love for the art of space planning, laying the foundation for her distinctive design perspective.

With an open-minded philosophy, Marlen navigates each project with adaptability, avoiding rigid methodologies. She specializes in diverse areas, including workplace design for well-known companies in tech, healthcare, and entertainment. Her multifaceted experience enriches her perspective, making Marlen an invaluable asset to our team.

What sets Marlen apart is her intuitive ability to interpret clients' desires, transforming the design process into a deeply personal journey. Marlen's holistic approach blends professionalism with personal passions, resulting in designs that transcend the ordinary and leave a lasting impact.



BS, Interior Design, Art Institute



Beyond design, Marlen has two dachshunds, Richard and Florence. They embark on spontaneous road trips, reflecting her adventurous spirit. Marlen's life outside the office is a mix of exploration, photography, ceramics, and a love for immersive art.