Ricardo Medina

Project Manager, Senior Associate
“Working on my first healthcare project made me feel like I was providing a critical and important service to the community.”


Ricardo's passion for healthcare projects was ignited during his early years in architecture, where he realized the profound impact of creating healing environments for patients and their families. This realization led him to specialize in healthcare architecture, driven by the fulfillment of witnessing the positive impact of well-designed spaces on patients' recovery.

Having worked in both Mexico and the United States, Ricardo overcame challenges posed by varying building practices, deepening his appreciation for the importance of safety and creating environments that expedite healing.

With an unwavering commitment to healthcare architecture, Ricardo Medina continues to make meaningful contributions to the creation of spaces that uplift communities, improve patient well-being, and promote healing.



B.Architecture and Engineering,
Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana



Outside of work, Ricardo cherishes his role as a husband to Barbara and a father to their three children. Spending quality time with his family brings him immense happiness, whether it's engaging in outdoor activities, taking leisurely walks, playing golf, or assisting his children and grandchildren with social and sports endeavors. Additionally, Ricardo and his wife have developed a passion for traveling, exploring various destinations around the world together.