Ruben Gonzalez

Project Designer
Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth.


Ruben Gonzalez has honed his architectural skills through years of practical experience initially as an apprentice and continuing throughout his career in areas of building construction and advanced technical drafting. He believes that the most valuable lessons go beyond problem-solving and deepen our understanding of the people depending on us to provide solutions.

He excels in preparing Construction Documents, showcasing expertise in design, project  detailing, drafting, and quality control.

Inspired by his honorable service as a US Marine Corps veteran, Ruben brings a unique  perspective to architectural projects, fostering collaboration and leveraging  diverse viewpoints for outstanding results.





Outside of his profession, Ruben finds joy in cycling and walking, staying active and connecting with the environment. With a combination of practical experience, technical knowledge, and a passion for an active lifestyle, he approaches architectural work with a distinctive outlook, always striving for excellence in every project.