Trevor Abramson, FAIA

Founding Partner
“Promote the art of architecture by evoking a deeply felt emotional and spiritual response.”


With over three decades of commitment to his craft, Trevor Abramson strives to promote the art of architecture by evoking a deeply felt emotional and spiritual response from clients, critics and the public. His creative architecture stands proudly across North America, promoting soulful complexity in the communities they inhabit by striking a balance between known and new. His multi-faceted practice, initially focusing on single-family residences, now encompasses ecclesiastical commissions, educational facilities and varied commercial buildings. Abramson’s body of work certainly transcends the ordinary, carefully juxtaposing material and light to modulate surface and form. Pragmatic and purposeful in his design decisions, Abramson employs subtle and stripped down shapes to allow simplicity of mass and material to govern. His over 300 projects have gained significant acclaim from the international architectural community and have undoubtedly advanced the profession.



  • BA Architecture – University of Southern California
  • MA Architecture – Columbia University


  • Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, bestowed by the AIA to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the profession through design excellence
  • Winner of the Quincy Jones Memorial Award for Design Excellence
  • Winning Design Entry to the Hall of Evolving Life Competition, LACMA
  • Winner of the National AIA Honor Design Award for his First Presbyterian Church of Encino
  • Eight different Abramson buildings have been featured in prestigious art institution tours
  • Ten different Abramson buildings have been featured in local and national AIA tours
  • Abramson’s work is extensively published in leading journals and media across the world, including but not limited to The Los Angeles Times, Architectural Review, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, and Interior Design Magazine
  • Abramson has taught at multiple AIA conventions and continues to serve on design juries


For eight years, Trevor took his children on Saturday outings around LA. These trips always included a stop at McDonalds. During those years, Trevor collected over 600 Happy Meal toys, which he fondly enjoys to this day. He also collects cheap souvenirs of buildings, the antithesis to the high-design in his own work. He good-humoredly recognizes the irony in his fondness of kitsch.