Vic Hernandez, EDAC, CSI

“What I enjoy about working in healthcare architecture is that every project is unique. This includes the program requirements, but also accessibility requirements and evidence-based design.”


Vic has been a dedicated professional in healthcare architecture since the early 80s, even before the advent of AutoCAD. Throughout his career, his passion for creating healthcare facilities that are both functional and feasible has remained unwavering. As the Project Manager, Vic leads the architecture and engineering team, skillfully integrating the Owner's vision, budget, and schedule to transform concepts into buildable realities.

With a wealth of experience, Vic understands the importance of collaboration and coordination in delivering successful projects. He embraces the uniqueness of each healthcare endeavor, from program requirements to accessibility regulations and evidence-based design principles. Vic's commitment to excellence is further underscored by his certification from the Center for Healthcare Design as an accredited professional in evidence-based design (EDAC).



Architecture, Arizona State University

Architectural Engineering, Phoenix College


  • International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO)
  • Evidence Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC), The Center for Health Design
  • Member, International Code Council (ICC)
  • Member, Construction Specification Institute (CSI)


As a child, Vic’s father took on side jobs in construction on the weekends. After watching him engage in concrete projects and hard labor, Vic decided to pursue an office job. It wasn’t until he bought a home in his early 20’s that he truly appreciated his father’s skillfulness and tenacity. Forty years later he’s still working on projects around the house with minimal help and maximum satisfaction.