Yifan Wen

Architectural Consultant
“By looking at the birth of architecture, we can use a common social phenomenon as a starting point, then, seeing the extraordinary in mediocrity and the logic in the chaos, we can finally create new possibilities.”


The first time Yifan was able to travel around the United States he took more than 4,000 pictures. Upon returning home, he realized 99% of them were about architecture. Yifan recalls this experience as being formative in his decision to study Architecture.

Yifan looks at program first when approaching a new project. He clarifies the purpose of every space which makes bringing more conceptual elements into the design much easier. His focus is on more practical items, such as program arrangement and circulation organization, because they are the foundation of a building design. Yifan works next to create fresh ideas and explore the new possibilities of architecture in conjunction with other disciplines such as art, literature, history, etc… This approach enables him to think about the potential schemes in terms of the impact it will have on the users and the built environment. Prior to joining Abramson Architects, Yifan worked at Jiakun Architects and interned with Zaha Hadid Architects in Beijing City, China.



  • M.Arch – UCLA


Yifan was the Vice President of the Young Volunteers Association during his undergraduate education.


Yifan believes architecture is about the responsibility to build others’ life. During his undergraduate education, he lived this ideal by becoming Vice President of the Young Volunteers Association. Additionally, Yifan led a 10-person team who created a temporary nursery school after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake destroyed portions of Ya’an city.


Yifan currently collaborates with us on a consultant basis, as needed.