Keslow Residence

Santa Monica, CA
2,900 sq ft

Manolo Langis

Team Members
Keslow Residence

Cracking The Egg

What started as a remodel quickly transformed into an all new design that our client could call their forever home. Built on the same lot as their existing home, we worked  with the homeowner on how to provide amenities associated with larger residences, while working within the parcel's modest confines. The result is a design that utilizes overlapping volumes to create an organic flow of living spaces.  These “volumes” which are experienced as rooms inside the home are expressed on the exterior with changes in form and materials.

Perforated corrugated metal cladding, metal siding, and board-formed concrete contrast against exterior fiber cement panels, creating a lasting first impression without sacrificing durability or comfort. A carefully located pool and backyard take advantage of the maximum amount of sunlight, keeping heating costs for the pool and cooling costs for the home down.

In order to achieve the home’s unique shape, we created an organic break in the center of the two story volume. Modeled after a yolk pouring out of a cracking egg, the structure was then refined with the room layouts and client needs informing its final design.

Early in development, the site was carefully studied, and the pool and backyard were located into a spot that received the most amount of sun, with the rest of the house sculpted around this area. Airflow was carefully studied as well, creating an energy efficient home that minimizes the need for air conditioning in the home and heating for the pool.

The rooftop is equipped with two types of solar panels; an array of photovoltaic panels connected two Tesla Powerwall batteries and solar thermal hot-water panels help to heat the swimming pool.  These active solar systems help to support the passive solar design elements making for a balanced, comfortable, and energy-efficient home.

Keslow Residence