Maimonides Academy

Los Angeles, CA
82,000 sq ft
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Maimonides Academy

A School that Splits Two Cities: Part One

Maimonides Academy is a new 82,000 square foot Pre-K through 8th grade private school. This campus is situated on multiple land parcels which span two separate cites, requiring complex zoning compliance. In addition, the site is divided by a public street. The Abramson Architects team was commissioned to solve the obvious site issues and to bring a progressive and enlightening aesthetic to the campus.

The architects utilized the division of the public street and created two distinct campuses – one for middle school and high school and one for elementary school. These two campuses are connected with an elevated walkway. This particular scheme focuses on one half of the campus, the middle school through high school building.

The design is playful yet mature, catering to the developing students it houses. An orange and yellow color palette was chosen due to their proven effectiveness to stimulate minds and provide a sense of warmth and comfort. These colors are complimented with natural textures of wood and stone.

A central atrium brings an indoor-outdoor environment to the school, allowing the children and staff to access fresh air throughout the day. The architecturally centric structure casts unique and changing shadows throughout the day. Bringing natural light into the building was also a key concern for the designers. They crafted spacious hallways and sunlit classrooms and libraries.

Maimonides Academy