The Filter

Retail Interiors
Los Angeles, CA
1,300 sq ft
Design Completed
Team Members
The Filter

An Iconic Parking Lot Coffee Shop

The Filter is a coffee shop concept located in a street facing parking lot of a large office complex. The buildings on the site are covered with vines, making them rather nondescript from street view. The client wanted to create a coffee shop that would upgrade the site with an iconic architectural identity, while fitting the new structure in a narrow spot between the buildings and the busy street.

The architects came up with the overall shape when they decided to maximize the width of the street facing side. With site constraints, the form organically molded into the shape of a coffee filter – perfectly fitting for the intended use. The shape naturally funnels people in from the parking lot and into their offices.

The simple structure is slightly elevated on one side to align the top of the counters with the existing brim.  Large trees that are currently on the site also creates a subtle curvature to the street facing side.  White ceramic tiling mimics the texture of a coffee mug.

The Filter