1330 Sunset Apartments

Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA
5 stories over 2 story podium (86 units)
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1330 Sunset Apartments

At Home on Sunset

Nestled in Echo Park, 1330 Sunset Apartments harmoniously merges into the community’s vibrant character, just a stroll from Dodger Stadium. Developed by Bolour Associates, the property integrates regional and sustainable elements to positively impact LA County. Leveraging Transit Oriented Communities incentives, the project envisions a bigger building tailored to the community’s needs, with seven units reserved for affordable housing.

Designed by Abramson Architects and AFCO Design, this contemporary structure seamlessly incorporates modern living while adhering to ethical and sustainable principles.

The Sunset Boulevard façade optimally orients units for natural daylight conditions, featuring a pleated design. Detailed cladding promotes a dynamic play of light and shadow, with projected fins minimizing glare.

The lobby and sidewalk paired with a co-working amenity fosters an active groundplane, encouraging community interaction. Large windows create a visual connection to the sidewalk, complemented by low plantings, overhead tree cover, and built-in furniture.

The building’s entry is a buffer, strategically located at an existing crosswalk, shielding residential life from Sunset Boulevard’s intensity. The rooftop amenity deck, visible from Vin Scully Avenue, presents itself as a vegetated edge, softening the connection between the building and the sky. Featuring open spaces within a vegetated perimeter, the rooftop encourages small-scale gatherings, while courtyards and gathering spaces at ground level promote community interactions.

In homage to the Dodgers, the north edge features a community memorabilia display. The installation engages passersby from within a sidewalk landscape characterized by low planting and overhead tree canopy. 1330 Sunset Apartments stands as a beacon of innovation in Echo Park, offering a dynamic living experience in this evolving neighborhood.

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1330 Sunset Apartments