1915 Park

Echo Park, CA
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1915 Park

Contemporary Park-Front Living

1915 Park brings 36 units of contemporary multifamily living to Los Angeles’ Echo Park Neighborhood.  Situated between Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park Lake, the building translates the repetitious tectonic character of its historic surroundings into a layered, alternating arrangement of plaster, textured metal and expansive glazing.  From within, this patterned façade treats inhabitants to panoramic views of the lake and cityscape beyond.  From the sidewalk, 1915 Park provides a regulating presence to a rapidly evolving urban environment.

With an abundance of residential development coming to Sunset Boulevard, 1915 Park anticipates a surge in pedestrian activity coming to Park Avenue.  To engage this future thoroughfare, the building’s entry abuts the Park Avenue sidewalk, embedded within a composition of landscape and street trees.  In stark contrast to the barren surface parking lot that preceded it, this vegetated threshold mediates the commercial bustle of the boulevard and the lake’s bucolic serenity, offering pedestrians an atmospheric break between dynamic urban environments.

Above this vibrant streetscape, 1915 Park’s mix of studio, one- and two-bedroom units make ample use of the building’s limited footprint, maintaining inhabitants’ visual connection to their urban surroundings while providing spatial separation from the dynamic below.  Abundant balconies and an upper-level wraparound terrace provide private exterior access, and above that, a communal roof deck offers inhabitants a place to gather against the backdrop of the city beyond.

1915 Park contributes a strong, regulating presence to Echo Park’s evolution, proving that park-front living can engage the historic character of its surroundings while supporting the transitory nature of contemporary urban life.  As time passes and the cityscape changes, 1915 Park provides and will continue to provide a reliable anchor - for new and existing members of the Echo Park community alike.

1915 Park