Confidential Tech Company Portland | LEED Gold Certified

Workplace Interiors
Hillsboro, OR
Creative Office
85,000 sq ft

Peter Eckert

Team Members
Confidential Tech Company Portland | LEED Gold Certified

A Trailblazing Design

Inspired by Oregon's Forest Park and its many hiking trails, this three-story office is designed to reflect Portland's eclectic energy and exploratory spirit. Pathways throughout the office converge into multi-purpose 'campgrounds' where teams may gather and collaborate. The design organically integrates elements of Portland's natural beauty into the office through its use of biophilia and freedom of choice.

Sustainability was an important feature for both our client and the greater Portland community. We took a wholistic approach to incorporate sustainable elements wherever possible:

We focused on reducing energy consumption through occupancy sensors for lighting and a floorplan that maximizes daylight at work stations; In order to reduce water waste, we installed low-flow plumbing fixtures; For our wood finishes, we made sure to use sustainable, locally sourced Oregon white oak and recyclable cork; and when deciding on furniture, we specifically chose pieces that had been designated highly sustainable through rigorous industry testing.

For our efforts, we were able to obtain LEED Gold certification for interior design by the USGBC; reflecting our outstanding commitment to sustainable design.

To celebrate Portland's robust community, we designed custom graphics that reflect key aspects of the city's culture. Bike murals pay tribute to Portland's large cycling population, while hiking murals focus on its natural beauty. Locally procured paintings and sculptures also represent Portland's bustling art scene. As the client walks around, they will encounter different facets of Portland's cultural identity, encouraging them to explore the space, and enriching the office experience.

Confidential Tech Company Portland | LEED Gold Certified