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Los Angeles, CA
Creative Office
8,000 sq ft

Jasper Sanidad

Team Members

A Vibrant, Shared Work Space

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the project is a joint venture founded by healthcare giant – Cedars Sinai – and leading startup accelerator – Techstars. The two companies teamed up to create an incubator exclusive to bio-tech startup companies. The program provides mentoring services and networking contacts. The shared work space provides a communal environment and high design elements that small startups would not typically have access to.

The AA design team was inspired by a molecular diagram, not just in its relevance to the end user’s subject matter, but also by its figurative meaning and its literal form. Much like a complex molecule, the floor plan for the space revolves around a central shared space, the atrium, with multiple appendages that are separate but working in unity. Further, hexagonal shapes are used as accents throughout.

The design is sophisticated yet bold and features various desk stations, lounge areas, cafes and conference rooms that offer its occupants a choice in their work environment throughout the day. Bright colors provide an inspiring palate while remaining neutral to the dual brands involved.

With a quick occupant turnover and the need for a multi-use space, the floorplan was specifically created for ease in variable formations. Workstations on the first floor can quickly be transformed into an event space or lecture hall.