DRIPP Coffee Bar | Award Winner

South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA
Coffee Shop
1,300 sq ft
Team Members
2022 AIA-LA Restaurant Design Award
DRIPP Coffee Bar | Award Winner

A Custom Coffee Experience

Dripp is a specialty coffee purveyor with a passion for creating handcrafted beverages and inspiring memorable experiences. The new South Coast Plaza (SCP) location is no exception. A flagship location for the growing southern California chain, the design conveys a clean, modern vibe. The concept celebrates the making of coffee and tea, while elevating the exceptional experience for each guest. Dripp’s sleek aesthetics fit within the context of the luxury retail center but is anything but a commodity.

The layout and forms of the café showcase the making of coffee and tea, both literally and figuratively. An entry portal made of CNC-carved Corian features oversized engravings of coffee plants accented by a ribbon of hand-brushed copper. Central to the concept is a u-Shaped Coffee Bar clad in hand-brushed and patinaed copper slats and proudly displayed within the context of the luxury mall. Placing open seating areas on two sides of the Coffee Bar provides guests and passersby with unobstructed views of the baristas in action.

The contemporary interior space features purposeful design elements, such as multiple seating configurations and adjustable display shelves that blend harmoniously to create unique visitor experiences. And for the baristas behind the counter, it makes each move as efficient as possible.

A highlight of the space are two long vaulted copper-clad light fixtures located above the consumer-focused aisles. The configuration adds a bit of mystery, alluding to a sky above despite the retail shop’s ground-floor location. The illusion of overhead daylight is made possible by keeping these areas unobstructed by structural or mechanical elements.

A series of side stacking glass panels at the entry introduces a seamless transition between the expansive mall and the intimate café. Greeted by a sense of openness, the carved Corian graphics and large-scale prints of coffee plants remind their guests of the role they play in the farm-to-cup journey.  

Taking cues from the café’s well-curated beverage menu, the DRIPP at South Coast Plaza prototype is lovingly handcrafted. The approachable design aesthetic serves up great experiences for each guest and is adaptable for any new franchise location.

DRIPP Coffee Bar | Award Winner