Roberta's at Sportsmen's Lodge

Studio City, CA
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Roberta's at Sportsmen's Lodge

Sporting A Subversive Design

Originating from the East Williamsberg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, Roberta’s Pizzeria has always been a community-driven pizza shop that marches by the beat of a different drum. Each new location carves out its own identity while keeping core elements of the original Roberta’s in its DNA. We had the pleasure to partner with Roberta’s in designing their new Studio City café located in the historic Sportsmen’s Lodge shopping center.

No inch goes unused in this 1,450 square foot space. Upon entering, customers begin to line up around the curved service counter. The curved design serves a dual function of fitting more customers inside the space and gives customers an unobstructed view to the pizza-making process. Back of house and storage remain out of sight to maintain a refined appearance. The large open ceiling keeps the space feeling uncrowded and cool, as hot air from the oven escape upward.

Roberta’s identity as a subversive, free-spirited business is reflected in their cherry-red brand color. Looking to embody this message, we decided to break the mold of Sportmen’s Lodge by painting the door to the pizzeria red. The color stands out from the uniform exteriors of the other units, beckoning inquisitive shoppers to come in. Inside, walls were left intentionally blank to allow the Studio City team to decorate with murals following the trend of other Roberta’s locations.

(above, below) Photo By Brandon Harman

The bright-red wood-fired oven has become the cornerstone of the Roberta’s brand. Our store honors this by putting the oven prominently on display near middle of the space. Special measures were taken to account for smoke exhaust in such a small space. A curved sales counter makes sure views of the oven are never obstructed.

Roberta's at Sportsmen's Lodge