LALA Bridge | Award Winner

Marina Del Rey, CA
1,760 ft span
Award Winning Design – Competition
Team Members
2017 AIA San Fernando Valley Award // 2018 International Design Award - Gold Award // 2018 Boston Society of Architecture AIA Award
LALA Bridge | Award Winner

Bridging the Gap

The Harbor in Los Angeles’ Marina Del Rey is the largest man-made small craft harbor in the world, which is a valuable resource if you are a boater. Unfortunately for a cyclist or pedestrian, the Marina breaks the existing pathway connecting the North and South route. Cyclists and pedestrians who want to experience the Los Angeles urban coastline must make a lengthy detour around the Marina, hindering the quintessential LA experience of cycling or walking along the Santa Monica Bay. To solve this problem, we are proposing a new pedestrian and bike path that bridges over the harbor entrance.

The pathway is a five percent sloped spiral ramp that is nestled within a latticed shell structure. It was generated by lofting two rotated ellipses along an arch. The resulting structure is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge that not only reconnects the beach front North and South of the Marina but reconnects the Marina to the greater Los Angeles area as an iconic gateway and viewing platform.

The monumental bases contribute to the spatial and social experience by becoming an occupiable event space. The bridge will be both a practical public infrastructure as well as a poetic gesture to signal entry into Los Angeles from the Pacific Ocean.

LALA Bridge | Award Winner