Manhattan Beach Residence

Manhattan Beach, CA
Single-Family Residential
2,500 sq ft
Team Members
Manhattan Beach Residence

An Edgy Edge Property

Known for its unique architectural character and family-friendly lifestyle, it is no surprise Manhattan Beach often claims the top spot as the Best City to live in the United States. Our clients purchased a dilapidated 1,100 sq ft home bordering a commercial parking lot in the densely populated yet highly desired Tree Section.

Working together with the designers, the client selected a California-modern concept that leverages the site constraints to create a forever home for the young family.

The selected scheme uses the existing commercial building’s boundary walls, located to the South, to create a privacy and sound barrier from the lively business corridor beyond. By placing the garage and other areas not requiring direct daylighting against the home’s split level south wall and installing clerestory windows above, the abundant natural sunlight penetrates deep into living spaces without sacrificing privacy. The tandem garage configuration enhances the curb appeal by positioning more of the living spaces towards the street.

A welcoming front patio leads visitors to the interior entry lounge/sitting room via a set of operable full-height window walls. This interstitial space is adjacent to the couple’s home office and includes a modern bar for entertaining guests or clients.

A bold red bookcase echoes the accent colors from the sitting room and draws visitors deeper into the home. The designer kitchen and minimalist living area connect to the backyard and built-in pool, allowing the family to enjoy the moderate coastal climate year-round. A 2-sided fireplace is visible from both the exterior backyard patio or the interior family room.

The contextually driven architectural response is tailor-made to accommodate the young family and their evolving needs. And the amenity-rich design provides the sense of community connectivity they were missing in their previous residence.

Manhattan Beach Residence