The Strand Residence

Manhattan Beach, CA
Single-Family Residential
In Construction
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The Strand Residence

A Retiree Retreat

In the coastal community of Manhattan Beach, an 80-year-old client seeks a home that allows him to get the most out of his golden years unhindered. Our team at Abramson Architects worked diligently with the client to design a home that includes amenities fitting the client’s active lifestyle while planning for future health needs. The result is a high-end beachside abode that re-conceptualizes what an aging lifestyle can look like.

Built on an incline on the coast, the four-story home is built with 1 ½ floors underground. A subterranean lap pool and fitness center/sauna make up the basement floor. A central commercial glass elevator connects all four levels from a central corridor, providing greater accessibility and allows natural light to filter through the lower levels.

Grab bars are placed in key areas throughout the home aiding the client where needed. Anticipating assisted living needs, a separate unit and side entrance were developed into the design for any live-in nurse. Similarly, a small kitchenette was built into the primary bedroom so that the client would always have access to his morning rituals of making coffee and tea.

While the designs are highly catered to the client’s needs, the space is equally equipped to host large social gatherings. The normally divided interior and exterior spaces on the first floor can transform into one interconnected room as rail-guided dividers get stored in hidden pockets in the wall. Street-level [insert material here] blinds provide sun protection and a measure of privacy while allowing visual engagement into the community.

A small tree-view garden and water features throughout the home charge the space with organic and natural elements. A landscaped area comprised of concrete and wooden platforms adjacent to the public walkway carries this natural beauty into the Manhattan Beach community.

The Strand Residence