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Marina Del Rey, CA
6,844 SF

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MINK Imaging

Healthcare With Resort Quality Hospitality

Located on the lobby-level of Cedars-Sinai’s Admiralty Way Tower in Marina Del Ray, MINK Radiologic Imaging wanted to create a healthcare space that reflected its promise to provide highly personalized service and attentive care. The design executed for the 6,844 sqft space shifts the paradigm of what one can expect in a radiologists office, and gives both patients and physicians an amenity rich space fitting of a luxury spa.

The space is heavily inspired by its ocean proximity. Noise dampening metal fixtures on the ceiling are designed as horizontal slatted planks akin to a dock. Light fixtures and linear vents were chosen to be incorporated among these horizontal slats, keeping the design uniform and unbroken. Textured maroon wall finish in the hallway takes direct inspiration from a series of sunset photos of the Pacific. A private waiting room features a wall graphic that evokes both worn boardwalk planks and the ocean itself.

Sophisticated furniture, fixtures, and equipment were outlined in the design to accentuate the sublime healthcare experience. The VIP dressing room with an adjoining waiting area gives high-profile clients a space to prepare and ready themselves without worry of interruption or being harried by other patients.

MINK Imaging