Dolphin Marina Apartments

Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, CA
Multi-Family Reposition
3 stories over 1 story podium (204 units)
In Construction
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Dolphin Marina Apartments

Reviving Midcentury Beauty

Originally designed and built in the late 1960s, Dolphin Marina Apartments in Marina Del Rey has been looking to redesign their space and add additional amenities. Our team has developed quality of life improvements throughout the space while paying respect to the project's midcentury modern roots. We took design cues from the marina itself, creating a modern boardwalk aesthetic that carries across the complex's three courtyards. The final design removes added 1990s postmodern aesthetics, replacing them with a modern day material pallet. The remodel takes legacy midcentury designs and updates them to make a truly luxurious multi-family complex.

The recreation courtyard is the first of three courtyards. Unit patios overlook the pool and spa area with updated glass railing for an uninterrupted view. Decorative porcelain tile with a weathered wood boardwalk design surrounds the pool and spa. An expanded spa design is incorporated for multifamily-friendly use. A lounge area under a pergola and additional tree landscapes add more shade to the previously exposed courtyard.

The quiet courtyard is the second of the three courtyards and is redesigned with a greater emphasis on landscaping. Plant life acts as a natural noise dampener while adding a serene environment and biophilic design to the space. Deep, reclined concrete benches are scattered throughout.  Solid blue coloring inspired by sailing flags carry into this courtyard adding another splash of calming color. Residents looking to take a break or admire a garden view are encouraged to use this courtyard as a space for quiet relaxation and meditation.

The social courtyard is the third and final courtyard that overlooks the marina basin. The wood design porcelain tile is reintroduced in a lounge and dining area with a specially treated wood trellis and fireplace. Additional fire pits and greenery are added throughout, encouraging residents to socialize and enjoy watching boats come in and out of the harbor. Brick patio walls with midcentury designs are being reconstructed with a layered, wave-like design, framing the courtyard in a beautiful ocean panorama.

Dolphin Marina Apartments