Neighborhood Block M2

Orange County, CA
Multi-Family Residential
300 Units plus 4,000 SF Retail
Completed (Design Architect)
Team Members
Neighborhood Block M2

Community Connection

At the edge of the Orange County, a new community is creating a better model for multi-family living. Breaking from the traditional approach, the developer wanted a cohesive neighborhood featuring “home diversity” and ample green space. As the Design Architect for the first phase, Abramson Architects’ concept combines subtle modern forms with heritage materials such as brick, iron, and glass.

The Neighborhood is a group of connected parks, surrounded by architectural significant homes. In addition to an eclectic and colorful mix of materials and influences, the residential campus offers a variety of unit types designed to encourage connections among neighbors and with nature.

A rhythmic grid overlayed on the building exteriors allows for varying, visually kinetic openings to work within a pragmatic framework of the façade. Visually connected private decks carved through the façade serve to break down the scale of the building mass. Buildings are staggered where necessary to maintain unobstructed views of the Great Parks. Large decks allow residents to intermingle with the activity happening below while maintaining the privacy of a home.

Neighborhood Block M2