Synapse | Award Winner

Core + Shell
Culver City, CA
92,000 sq ft
Under Construction
Team Members
2018 2016 AIA San Fernando Valley // 2019 Westside Urban Forum Design Award // 2023 Guardian Glass Western US Award
Synapse | Award Winner

A Network of Forward-Thinkers

Synapse is a new creative office, retail and underground parking development near Hayden Tract in Culver City. Having just completed the 200,000 SF industrial-modern Platform development next door, the AA team was looking to continue their footprint in Culver City with a completely different style. The project is a continuation of the firm’s architectural progress that connects pedestrian friendly storefront retail from the Helms District to Downtown Culver City.

Geared at attracting tech industry tenants, the architects conceptualized a building that celebrates the brain. Specifically, they were interested in the rapid transfer of signals from one cell to the next, much like how the tech industry shares ideas amongst complex networks. Cellular abstract shapes frame sprawling glass panels. The design has a sense of movement to it that echoes the speed and connection of the tech industry. A glossy white exterior membrane will be made from custom molded glass fiber reinforced panels. Integrated LED lighting strips weave throughout the façade, mimicking neurotransmitters firing along electrical synapses in the brain.

The bulk of the structure appears to be floating over the recessed glass storefronts on the street level. This boundless base creates a retail experience that engages customers and encourages them inside. The structure cantilevers over outdoor seating on the widened sidewalk.

Synapse | Award Winner