Cedars Sinai Brentwood Urgent Care & Dermatology Clinic

11620 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Urgent Care Services and Dermatology
7,500 sq ft

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Cedars Sinai Brentwood Urgent Care & Dermatology Clinic

Form and Function, Inspired by Bauhaus

Inspired by the beauty and functionality of the Bauhaus movement, Cedars-Sinai’s timelessly designed Brentwood location is embedded with glamorous, yet high-performance, materials and future flexibility. Their goal for the new community-based clinic was to reimagine what an Urgent Care could be within the context of Brentwood, while remaining true to the Cedars-Sinai brand, and without sacrificing efficiency. The major challenge was that in addition to the Urgent Care clinic, the already tight floor plan also needed to include an upscale Dermatology Practice and staff support areas within 7,500 sqft of space in two disconnected suites.

The main Urgent Care lobby is spacious, welcoming, and acoustically engineered, with easy access from Wilshire Boulevard. Discreet sound-absorbing wall finishes and custom-designed large format floor tiles create an elegant and high-performing backdrop for the heavily-trafficked reception area.

Rather than lowering the potentially cavernous 14’ ceilings, the design creates a human scale impression by introducing wall-mounted light fixtures installed at a comfortable 9’ height. A custom signage package with 3-dimensional lettering is integrated into the contemporary design rather than feeling like an afterthought. The Urgent Care clinic’s care team space is centrally located and features a felt, slatted ceiling and custom gloss-white privacy screens.

The Dermatology Practice delivers full-service cosmetic and medical treatment center in an opulent, yet compact environment. Seemingly decorative elements serve double duty as high-end details and high-performance design solutions. These include a faux-leather wall installation that acts as a sound-absorbing element, acoustically-sealed barn doors, and a durable rigid vinyl wall covering that replaces the traditional “chair rail” solution used in healthcare environments.

To maintain exclusivity, clients enter through a dedicated lobby just steps away from the parking entrance which is located across the building from the Urgent Care reception. The Dermatology waiting area is intimate and nearly invisible to passersby in order to address their discerning clienteles’ desires for discretion.

Cedars Sinai Brentwood Urgent Care & Dermatology Clinic