Cedars Sinai Urgent Care | Award Winner

Culver City, CA
Medical Facility
8,400 sq ft

Jonas Ganzoni

Team Members
2015 AIA-San Fernado Valley Design Award
Cedars Sinai Urgent Care | Award Winner

Weaving Serenity through an Urgent Care Center

The design team at Abramson Architects welcomed the opportunity to elevate the standard healthcare facility above and beyond the status quo. Specifically, they created a windowed space where natural light permeates, but where privacy remains paramount. The layout was mastered to feel expansive and open, but still encourage a flow that catered to the frequent and sensitive transitions of the patients and staff.

The layout separates the two administrative areas – walk-ins and appointments – with different main entrances on opposite sides of the building. These two departments directly open into their respective waiting areas, then meet in the middle with joint examining rooms and nursing stations.

The primary objective in choosing materials was to alleviate the stress in the often chaotic and urgent scenarios this facility takes in. Colors and design elements were implemented to orient and guide an operational flow. A hygienic white palette is punctuated by darker elements that direct attention to key locations, such as check-in desks and nursing stations. Bright turquoise fins directionally orient the visitor to and from essential areas and hallways. This accent color was chosen to be both fresh and approachable.

Patient rooms that border the exterior walls are lit with floor to ceiling windows. Privacy is a crucial concern when placing an abundance of windows in a medical facility. For this reason, glazing was applied to glass panels, but the top portion remained clear for unobstructed views of the sky. Interior rooms filter in natural light with transoms over the doors.

Cedars Sinai Urgent Care | Award Winner