Cedars-Sinai Tarzana | Award Winner

Primary Care/Women's Clinic/Rotating Specialties
12,477 sf
Team Members
2023 SFVBJ Commercial Real Estate Award
Cedars-Sinai Tarzana | Award Winner

Comfort Care and Patient Privacy

Designed to house three distinct health care facilities, Abramson Architects worked with Cedars-Sinai to create a premier medical office for the city of Tarzana with a floorplan that puts an emphasis on individual patient and family needs. The 14,000 square foot space was broken up to divide patients based on their care needs while streamlining back of house operations and facilitating collaboration between its Women’s Clinic, Primary Care, and Rotating Specialties staff.

Archways, rounded furniture, and curved fixtures create a soft and comforting environment for patients. Our choice in flooring, wallcovering, and wood finish evoke a serene, inviting pallet to an industry that has an historical perception of being cold and uncomfortable.

We leveraged early pandemic social distancing guidelines into a positive experience, creating opportunities for intimate moments between staff and patients with one-on-one check-in stations and testing booths. The result gives personal attention to patients while mitigating any unnecessary health risks.

Positioning was a key factor in the strategic development of the Tarzana office. Not only was there a need to house specialized care facilities, but flexible office space and exam rooms needed to be available for all staff and the shifting demands of the healthcare industry. Zones were created to keep the Women’s Health patients as separated as possible while keeping a middle space for staff from both offices to cohabitate.

Cedars-Sinai Tarzana | Award Winner