Cedars-Sinai Los Feliz Urgent Care & OB/GYN | Award Winner

Los Feliz
Urgent Care & OB/GYN Clinic
10,800 sf

HANA (Here and Now Agency)

Team Members
2022 AIA LA Design Award // 2022 SCDF Design Award
Cedars-Sinai Los Feliz Urgent Care & OB/GYN | Award Winner

A Place for Healing

Reflecting the intimate relationship between community and patient, Cedars-Sinai Health System recently opened its first new campus outside its flagship Beverly Hills site. The massing of the new 10,800 sf medical office breaks down the appearance into four intentional boxes, clad in a series of metal panels. The building ornamentation takes cues from Los Feliz’s historic mid-century modern homes, thriving culinary scene, and vibrant street-level shops.

On the ground floor, a custom art deco brick intrinsically ties the new structure with the neighborhood identity and the client’s brand. The incised geometric patterns of the concrete squares overlap to form a subtle nod to the Cedars-Sinai’s brand. The site-specific tiles pay homage to the area’s rich architectural character which includes the Ennis Residence by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Seemingly resting on a foundation of ocean green brick, the contemporary upper façade is artificially lowered beyond the second-story floor. This move allows the structure to fit within the context of the active pedestrian streetscape. A 2-story entry atrium draws in light during the day and acts as a beacon of wellness at night.

According to Cedars-Sinai’s Vice President of Design, Zeke Triana, “When you walk in, you feel the total environment has been curated for you, and the details really matter... From how you access the campus to how you park to how you get to your destination to the artwork, landscaping, lighting—everything has been curated so you get that total experience. That really does create, we believe, an environment where healing can take place.” [GB&D Magazine, June 8, 2022]

Once inside, high ceilings and large windows bring light into the welcoming lobby and deep into the clinical spaces. Clerestory windows in the corridors filter in natural daylighting while large windows in the circulation areas provide intuitive wayfinding clues for patients and doctors.

The interior details consist of high-end millwork, custom wall finishes, accent fabrics, tiled area rugs, and built-in banquets which reinforce the strong ties between art, architecture, design, and the Los Feliz neighborhood.

The staff lounge features a private patio adorned with a custom mural by local artist Sarajo Freiden. At the garage entry, an isometric “seek and find” illustration by Nigel Sussman draws from the area’s creative character and numerous attractions. Monochromatic adaptations of Nigel’s artwork embellish the walls of the three additional underground parking levels, providing visual interest and intuitive wayfinding cues.

Cedars-Sinai Los Feliz Urgent Care & OB/GYN | Award Winner