Cedars-Sinai Marina Tower South, 3rd Floor

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Cedars-Sinai Marina Tower South, 3rd Floor

Glamorous, On-Stage and Off

Designed to accommodate multiple programs in a single suite, the 3rd-floor medical office features upscale materials and an on-stage/off-stage care model. The circulation pattern creates separate patient and staff corridors known to improve the care teams’ efficiency and the patients’ overall experience. Two lobbies flank opposite sides of the elevator vestibule, fostering an organic flow for patients of both the timeshare clinic and the specialty orthopedic center.

The floorplan leverages the property’s unrestricted ocean views and reinforces the surrounding context with a naval-inspired color scheme. Both lobbies feature teak engineered wood paneling, back-painted glass, decorative lighting fixtures, and a mixture of modern seating options. A wooden screen concept adds a unique touch to the main lobby, while a banquette seating concept in a lighter color palette welcomes patients of the orthopedic center.

Behind the scenes, the compact clinic further maximizes efficiency by sharing support spaces among the different clinics. The centrally located staff lounge is well-appointed with premium finishes and fixtures such as a sleek glass whiteboard alternative, solid-surface countertops, and walnut cabinetry.

In keeping with Cedars-Sinai’s focus on providing quality outcomes for their patients, the 3rd-floor suite includes multiple co-location offices for the individual care teams.

All the elements of the design have been selected primarily for their durability and aesthetics. However, the team was diligent in proposing only those products that could fit within the client’s budget and their fast-paced construction schedule.

Cedars-Sinai Marina Tower South, 3rd Floor