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Vancouver, Canada
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75,000 sq ft

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Confidential Tech Company Vancouver

Blending Tradition and Technology

Inspired by the rich history of one of Vancouver’s oldest neighborhoods and infused with the contemporary design elements, this tech-enabled office focuses on comfort, accessibility, productivity, and inclusivity. Throughout the building, sophisticated finishes and fixtures embody the site’s Victorian character in subtle ways. In addition to informing the initial design concepts, vintage photos and symbolic references help to distinguish the various unique amenity spaces.

The first new structure developed in Gastown for nearly four decades, the workplace offers six floors of open offices, flexible meeting areas, wellness spaces, a rooftop terrace, and panoramic views in a lively commuter-oriented location. The design story came from our in-depth research into the history of Gastown.

By the early 1900s, the modest two-story masonry building at 155 Water Street had gained prominence as a hub for international commerce. As a wholesale warehouse, the site housed fruit shipments bound for destinations across Greater British Columbia. Homages to these crates are an integral design element that create the illusion of stacked boxes across the various floors. The result is a cohesive visual story that reinforces the cultural significance of Gastown while charting a new course for our research-driven client.

Based on visioning sessions and user group meetings, we created a set of planning principles known to foster spontaneous collaboration, support mobile working, offer a variety of seating choices, and allow for technological upgrades as needed. This concept encourages employee circulation, promotes cross-functional collaboration, and creates an efficient flow between the various working groups.

Confidential Tech Company Vancouver