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Culver City, CA
Creative Office
7,500 sq ft

Benny Chan

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Brand Philosophy in Design

Sweetgreen has a firm food philosophy in their restaurants – use only local, organic and seasonal ingredients to support communities and encourage a healthy lifestyle. The client wanted this to be reflected in their new Los Angeles headquarters. The AA design team successfully struck a balance with an inspired design that translates the company message. The free flowing layout and open workstations encourage collaboration and a lively office energy. Employees are encouraged to be mobile with their work and can easily shift from a seated table station to a lounge area as none of their computers are hard-wired.

Conference rooms were named and styled after the seasons to tie into their culinary ideology. An open staff kitchen houses large butcher block islands where employees can prepare healthy lunches together. An outdoor patio connects the two sides of the office with outdoor seating and an herb garden.

The office is located on the top floor of a mixed-use development, also designed by Abramson Architects. They looked at this project as the treehouse of PLATFORM and implemented materials such as wood paneling and bark-inspired wallpaper accordingly. The office is dog-friendly, so you’ll be sure to find treats and toys in just about every corner, and if you look close enough, you’ll find little breadcrumbs for the employees as well – motivational quote decals are hidden throughout the space.