The Prospect

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La Jolla, CA
52,250 SF
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The Prospect

The Prospect of Great Design

Just a short walk from the coast, our clients came to us with a desire to leverage this premiere location and create a dynamic mixed-use space that seamlessly integrates with the vibrant culture of La Jolla’s Prospect Street. With a focus on preserving the core structure, Abramson Architects strategically programmed office and restaurant spaces separated by a private patio. Terraced balconies connected to the restaurant look below onto the patio and beyond to a stunning ocean view. Nicknamed The Prospect, this space embodies the modern and sophisticated essence of the eponymous street, providing a much-needed upgrade to the property.

A private patio area accessible to office employees adds a landscaped element to the design. Slanted planters juxtaposed against the accessible ramp brings captivating geometric shapes to the forefront. Potted plants and planters integrated into the office balcony visually infuse the outdoor space with greenery and embrace biophilic design principles.

The building features a convenient five-level underground parking structure along with an additional office entrance available from the adjacent street. Taking advantage of the sloping hillside, both the office and restaurant’s upper floors offer uninterrupted ocean views. The exterior’s custom textured concrete finish helps to modernize the building and reflects on the neighborhood’s evolving desires and characteristics.

The Prospect