Confidential Video Game Studio

Workplace Interiors
Tustin, CA
Video Game Studio / Creative Office
12,800 sq ft

Manolo Langis

Team Members
Confidential Video Game Studio

Surprises Around Every Corner

This newly completed video-gaming office incorporates elements common to their crowd-funded RPGs (role-playing games). Unexpected details, such as a steampunk entry lounge and vault door in the main conference room, pay homage to the immersive experiences they create for their dedicated fan base. To meet the client’s unique vision for the office’s aesthetics, the design team sourced custom furniture and finishings where possible. Relying on local, small, and minority suppliers helped to create a regionally responsive design.

The design concept spawned from inclusive stakeholder engagement sessions focused on world-building within their limited floorplate. Informed by research about common themes from their virtual environments, the resulting design emulates the studio’s moment-to-moment gameplay within their new physical space.

The gaming lounge is an essential program element required for play-testing new games. The highly-visible space encourages spontaneous interaction between team members and fosters deeper connections inspired by their shared passions for RPGs, rich story-telling, and tactical thinking.

An indoor/outdoor dining commons known as the “Adventurers Guild” serves as a communal hub for the various multi-disciplined teams. The lounge also doubles as a place to host staff meetings or small group gatherings, as needed.

The resulting concept adheres to their global brand guidelines while creating a unique daily journey for the local users. The design story is reinforced through the use of ancillary furnishings and finishes, large-scale environmental graphics, art specification, and custom privacy films.

Confidential Video Game Studio