Getty View Residence | Award Winner

Brentwood, CA
Single-Family Residential
8,000 sq ft

Manolo Langis

Team Members
2023 Luxe RED Awards - Outdoor Spaces
Getty View Residence | Award Winner

Stacked Volumes Nestled on the Hillside

The Getty View Residence is composed of three levels of stacked volumes that have each been assigned a unique exterior material. The various textures add architectural interest by breaking up the massing and highlighting the layered forms.

The basement level is integrated into the natural slopes of the landscape, allowing for various green roofs that lay level with the story above. The architects chose a board form concrete for its earthy tactility and its structural qualities. Users enter a lobby with a staircase that brings them up to the main level.
This ground-level floor is enveloped in vegetation and features multiple landscaped atriums. Massive sliding doors offer an interior/exterior relationship, furthered with the use of terrazzo flooring that continues onto the patio.

The main floor also contains a central area that includes a great room with an open kitchen and dining area.  Auxiliary rooms surround this communal core.  All are encased in an aluminum louver facade that balances privacy with an indoor/outdoor openness.

The top-level is wrapped in white stucco. The aluminum louver from the floor below is integrated into a section of the master suite, providing an operable solution for privacy. A perpendicular wing houses two additional bedrooms.

Getty View Residence | Award Winner