Woodley Residence

Encino, CA
16,000 sq ft
Under Construction
Panseri 3D Studio
Team Members
Woodley Residence

A Home for Gathering

Nestled within the unique topography of Encino, Abramson Architects adeptly embraced the challenges posed by the sloping terrain, skillfully weaving them into a home filled with artful nuances at every turn. After initially contemplating modest upgrades to their existing residence, the clients seized the opportunity to fashion a forever home for their family of five, including three lively children and a loyal canine companion.

Envisioned as an incubator for the children’s burgeoning interests and an entertainment hub for friends and family, the resulting space unfolds in multifaceted ways. Bedrooms transition seamlessly from personal retreats to vibrant social hubs. Intimate nooks bear witness to daily life’s tender moments, while the formal dining room, accommodating up to 20 guests, transforms into a venue for Friday night gatherings within the close-knit community.

Confronting the challenges of a sloping terrain, our approach was guided by a unique vision. Three distinct pad levels emerged, navigating the landscape gracefully and responding artfully to the site’s topography.

At the heart of the home, the grand entry sequence serves as a guiding force from the motor court to a Zen garden, fostering connection and flow. With soaring height and intentional design elements, this sequence establishes a fluid connection from the interior spaces to the amenity-rich grounds. Each exterior area is strategically zoned to fulfill specific functions; the pool offers a refreshing oasis, the cabana provides shelter and relaxation, and the secluded putting green caters to focused recreational activities.

The sports court is a recreational amenity for family and friends, but can also seat up to 100 guests for larger events and activities. This versatile space embodies the essence of adaptable living, seamlessly integrating space for daily activities and grand celebrations within the thoughtfully crafted confines of this exceptional home.

Woodley Residence