Keslow Camera

Workplace Interiors
Culver City, CA
Creative Office
35,000 sq ft

Jasper Sanidad

Team Members
Keslow Camera

Energetic Design Meets Programmatic Function

Keslow Camera is a leading film and digital camera source that provides high quality rentals and support to industry professionals. They wanted an office that reflects the creative industry they serve while keeping their unmatched technical support at the forefront. The result is a bustling and inspiring environment for their talented staff and clients alike.

AA transformed a tilt-up warehouse building into an elevated user experience by weaving complex layering of programmatic and sequential requirements into an inspiring, unified and collaborative work environment. The design team developed a philosophy of spatial and material layering in an effort to simultaneously define and integrate the various departments. From the entry to the loading dock, a connectivity between departments was achieved to encourage an operational flow amidst the open volume of the space.

When clients rent camera equipment through Keslow, they spend weeks testing and aligning every piece before completing their check-out. Absolute accuracy is crucial, so the AA design team constructed a custom prep bay with a built-in track system.

Material applications are used to further highlight and define the functional layers of the overall space. Wood cladding accents client-facing areas such as the cafe, reception, restrooms, and prep bays. In contrast to the wood, premium aluminum plate cladding is used to highlight the service area. Custom wallpaper was made to subtly showcase the Keslow logo. The color purple accents the space and harkens back to the era of 35mm celluloid film.

Camera repairs are performed in an open atmosphere. Architectural lighting and skylights enhance the overall environment.

Keslow Camera